Fall is here! At KJ’s Dresses and Ties, we happen to love fall. From pumpkin spice lattes to scarves to throwing on a pair of leggings beneath our favorite dress, fall is certainly a season that is easy to adore. 

Fall is the perfect time of year when it’s not too hot and not too cold. In most places of the country, leaves will be changing from green to brilliant yellows, oranges, reds, and browns. It’s a season of change in many ways, as well as a season of comfort. That means it’s the perfect time of year to change up your wardrobe slightly without giving up all of the pieces you absolutely love — and our trendy modest clothing store is here to help! 

How To Transition Your Wardrobe From Summer To Fall

As the weather cools down, you might be thinking it’s time to ditch your summer wardrobe for jeans, boots, and sweaters. But not so fast! You don’t have to toss your cute day dresses into storage just yet. We have a few tricks up our sleeves that will have you looking and feeling cozy. 

Add Leggings

Throwing on a pair of leggings beneath a dress and donning a pair of boots is the perfect way to take your cute day dress from summer to fall. If it is extra chilly, look for a pair of fleece-lined leggings for extra warmth. Or, if you want to show off your own sense of style, wear patterned leggings with a solid dress to add some flair. 

Layer It Up

When we say “add layers,” what do you think of? Likely, you’re imagining a nice cardigan or jacket over your modest summer dress. However, there are other ways to add layers! You can wear a turtleneck under your dress to create an interesting neckline and add extra warmth. You can also throw on a cropped sweater over your dress so that the bottom of the dress functions like a skirt. 

Stay Cozy With A Scarf

Scarves are a fall essential, and thankfully they pair amazingly well with a cute day dress. Check out our collection of scarves for sale from our trendy modest clothing boutique! We offer scarves that are great for any time of year and are perfect for making a dress feel cozy and looking like it belongs right in the middle of a pumpkin patch. 

Choose Transitional Colors

Finally, when buying new clothing at this time of the year, consider transitional colors. A bubble-gum pink dress will transition nicely from spring to summer, but won’t do the best job of taking you into fall. Instead, choose warm or deep colors such as burgundy, mustard, navy, or eggplant. These colors can carry you into winter and can be paired with brighter colors for spring, making them year-round winners. 

Get Ready For Fall With Our Trendy Modest Clothing!

KJ’s Dresses and Ties is your source for trendy modest clothing for juniors and women, including dresses, casual and nice tops, jumpsuits, and so much more. We also carry a huge selection of men’s ties online that range from classic and traditional to wild and funky. Wherever your fashion sense is taking you, we can help get you there. 

Our goal is to provide women with clothing that they love that doesn’t break the bank. We know cute modest clothing that doesn’t cost a fortune is hard to come by, so we want to make it easy by being your go-to for all of your wardrobe needs. 

Shop the site today to find the perfect transitional pieces that will take you from summer to fall and beyond in style!